Experts Say Skin Prep Is Key for Glowy Makeup—Here’s What That Actually Means

Experts Say Skin Prep Is Key for Glowy Makeup—Here’s What That Actually Means

Who What Wear - May 2022

There is truly only one makeup lesson that I have actually listened to, understood, and mastered—and it concerns skin prep.

Whenever I quiz makeup artists on the secret to a natural looking, seamless, glowing base, they always tell me that the secret lies in thorough ‘skin prep’. The truth, I have learned, is that the term 'skin prep' is basically code for primer. In fact, I’ve never met a makeup artist that doesn’t use a primer. Whether it be a hydrating moisturizer, a silicone-heavy pre-foundation layer to help disguise pores, or an illuminating, oily elixir, primers are, without a doubt, the single most important product if you’re after a natural-looking base. 

Slathering on layers and layers of skincare before you apply your makeup will only leave you with short-lived results. The more layers on your face, the more likely everything will slide off. Really great, expert-level skin prep actually comes down to just one product—primer. Formulated specifically to be used before makeup, primers are the key product in making your makeup base work for you and your skin.


I couldn't be more obsessed with this dewy, priming serum right now. Far more than your bog-standard makeup primer, this stuff is a high-octane skincare serum first and foremost. It just so happens to double as a truly exceptional hydrating primer, too. Formulated with a Dutch tulip complex that's packed with collagen for an unrivalled plumping, hydrating glow, this stuff elevates skin in a way like no other.