Our Story


Did you know…The tulip is one of the only flowers that continues to grow after it’s cut!

Kim’s light tulip bulb moment was learning that tulips keep growing up to 2 inches or more even after they are cut! Married to a fourth generation Dutch tulip farmer, Kim quickly discovered that tulips are more than a pretty petal. Their blossoming love story inspired our clean, wildly effective products. After securing two Dutch government grants in research, we discovered the hydrating and rejuvenating benefits of the tulip. Kim’s mission was to create products which are good for you and better for the environment.

This desire, combined with her tulip bulb moment planted a seed that became Bloomeffects.

The Bloomeffects Ethos

Our Founder


Kim van Haaster identifies as Chinese/Vietnamese, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. She lived and worked in New York climbing the corporate ladder.

With decades of experience in the cosmeceutical industry across multiple categories including color cosmetics, fragrance, haircare and of course skincare.

Her passion for clean and efficacious skincare that is suitable for sensitive skin comes from her personal struggles with her eczema and allergies. As well as navigating her skincare regimen through 2 pregnancies.

Kim always dreamed of having her own skincare range, and even with years of experience in the New York beauty industry, she never found a truly unique, pure, and natural ingredient that provided effective results…until she moved to the Netherlands for love!

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