I'm Mixed Race With Combination Skin: These Are My 11 Holy Grail Skincare Products

Byrdie - December 2020

Byrdie - December 2020

Important factors to consider when cultivating a routine for combination skin of the mixed-race variety are levels of sensitivity, propensity to breakouts, and what ingredients are appropriate for your specific texture. Some oils, like coconut, can actually cause more breakouts if you’re not careful. I know this sounds like an overwhelming process, but I’ve made it my mission to assemble a handbook for those in need. If this is you, read on below for 11 holy grail products that will offer real results for your skin's health.

Bloomeffects Dutch Dirt Mask, $49

Bloomeffects' Dutch Dirt Mask takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. It's both an exfoliating scrub and purifying mask wrapped up in one. It offers antioxidants, hydration, and amino acids, as well as exfoliation and an increase in cell turnover. It's tingly but oh-so satisfying.