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Skincare brand Bloomeffects celebrates the tulip for its powerful regenerative properties


Skincare brand Bloomeffects celebrates the tulip for its powerful regenerative properties

Skincare brand Bloomeffects celebrates the tulip for its powerful regenerative properties

Stylist - May 2022

In most industries, it’s unusual for something totally new to come along – especially when many things are cyclical. Take slugging, for example. As a practice, it’s been around for years in many more communities than the skincare bubble on TikTok. Protein hair treatments have been a staple in Black haircare for aeons. Much of what we hail as revolutionary is a variation of what’s gone before. 

That is, until Kim van Haaster, CEO and brand founder of Bloomeffects, moved from New York to the Netherlands and discovered the power of tulips. A somewhat slept-on ingredient in skincare, Bloomeffects celebrates the power of the tulip:

“The a-ha moment for me was when I learned that tulips continue to grow after they’re cut,” explains van Haaster. “With most plants – like when you cut the leaf off a tree or a rose from a bush – it dies and withers. A tulip can continue to grow up to three inches over the course of the next seven days. That regeneration is what made me think that I needed to look into the compounds within a tulip that could be good for the skin. 

“We were the first to identify two specific compounds within the tulip, as well as the fact that they’re rich in fatty acids and organic acids.

“Fatty acids are important for the lipid structure in the skin – they’re like the mortar of the skin. If the cells are like bricks, they’re what holds the skin together. They’re important to build strength and reinforce the skin barrier, as well as balance out the microbiome.”

One of the most heart-warming parts of Bloomeffects is the origin story. 

van Haaster met her future husband and fourth-generation tulip farmer Hein van Haaster on a Spanish vacation, eventually moving to join him in the Netherlands on his award-winning tulip farm. Surrounded by the growth-factor filled flower, van Haaster began the development of Bloomeffects – creating what is now an award-winning skincare and cosmetic line. 

Crucially, written-in-the-stars origin stories don’t detract from the efficacy of the products. A range beloved by people looking for effective solutions to dry, sensitive, combination or oily skin, Bloomeffects launches in the UK today. Here are the five buys I would add to cart first.

Royal Tulip Moisturizing Nectar $65

If you’re a fan of nightly slugging or swear by intensely hydrating products for stressed, dry skin, this ointment-to-serum moisturizing nectar is the one for you. 

A jelly-like texture, the ointment transforms into a serum – the texture changing from bouncy to smooth – as the heat of your fingertips warms it up. 

Able to be used a 10-minute face mask, an overnight sleep mask or the last step in your skincare routine, it’s soothing and healing – a godsend for broken skin barriers and dehydrated skin.  

Royal Tulip Cleansing Jelly $39

A jelly-to-milk formula, this bouncy cleansing gel melts away traces of make-up and residue left on the skin by SPF and general environmental debris, dirt and pollution. 

Enriched with hyaluronic acid, the cleansing jelly helps to imbue the skin with plump hydration, ready for serums, toners or moisturizing routines. 

Tulip Dew Drops $55

If you’re looking for a fast-absorbing, moisturising-but-not-too-much serum that’s packed with skin-loving vitamins – Dew Drops is for you. 

Water-based, the serum doesn’t feel greasy or sticky on the skin. Instead, just one pump of the serum melts gently into the skin. Combining niacinamide, as well as vitamin C, D and E and squalane, it’s a streamlining step to save you time, protect your skin and improve hydration. 

Black Tulip Facial Treatment $94

A powerful sleeping treatment, this moisturiser contains malic and lactic acids as well as pomegranate enzymes to gently slough away dead skin cells, revealing softer, brighter skin overnight. Squalane, niacinamide and peptides help to even out skin tone, too. 

Tulip Tint Lip & Cheek Balm $30

The only piece of make-up I carry with me for touch-ups is a creamy, dewy blush. Skin-reviving, I find it instantly refreshes tired skin. The Bloomeffects Tulip Tint contains moisturising jojoba oil and shea butter to create a pigmented sheen of colour. A skincare-make-up hybrid, it can be used on both cheeks and lips.