Why Prickly Pear Is The ‘It’ Ingredient For Skin And Hair

Aedit - September 2020

Aedit - September 2020

Don’t tell succulents, but there’s another cactus-related obsession snagging the spotlight these days — at least when it comes to hair and skincare products. It's prickly pear, the spiny red fruit that grows on the nopal cactus. It makes sense because, well, cacti are survivors. They not only have to hold on to every drop of moisture they can, but they have to do it while fending off all the harsh conditions of the desert. And that means the beauty aisle is discovering what folks in parts of Mexico and Morocco, where the plant is plentiful, have known for generations: The ingredient, also known as opuntia ficus indica (OFI), is a nourishing delight for hair and skin in both extract and seed oil form. 

If you’re ready to welcome it into your routine, here are a few products to start with:

Bloomeffects Dutch Dirt Mask, $49

The twist in this skin treatment is that the prickly pear appears in enzyme form, which is said to give it an exfoliating quality. Hyaluronic acid, meanwhile, offers a moisture boost, so it becomes a mask and scrub in one.