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The dry skin guide: 4 tips for softer skin


The dry skin guide: 4 tips for softer skin

The dry skin guide: 4 tips for softer skin

We understand how physically painful (think chapped lips and cracked skin) and emotionally draining having dry skin can be, particularly as we transition between seasons. It can be a result of many things such as; damaging chemicals in hygiene/beauty products, harsh weather conditions, a poor diet, an underlying condition (think dermatitis or eczema), dehydration or even constantly repeated hand/face-washing. 


Although no two skincare routines are ever the same, here are some tips that everyone can add to their current regime to help achieve softer skin. 


Drink lots of water 


This is a pretty obvious one but quite often overlooked. Just like you would drink water to stay hydrated during a workout, it's important to drink water to keep your skin hydrated as well. Keep water by your bed so it’s accessible in the morning and have a glass before you go to bed - this way you can't forget! 


Avoid hot showers 


The temperature and duration of your shower has an affect on your skin’s hydration levels. Having long, hot showers can melt away your skin’s natural oils leaving your skin stripped of its protective layer. Try having luke-warm or cold showers to ease the strain on your skin. If you really can’t give up those steamy showers, try cutting them a bit shorter or having alternating luke-warm showers. 


Choose your products wisely 

If your skin is particularly sensitive, harsh chemicals in skin and beauty products can leave your skin high and dry (figuratively and literally).  It’s a trap you can easily fall into - buying scented products that look good and smell like heaven, despite probably doing more harm than good for your skin. Using products that are more naturally derived, unscented and have a pretty 'clean' ingredients list will wonders for your skin! Our Royal Tulip Nectar is formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, fragrance or synthetic dyes, so it's perfect for people with sensitive, dry skin. With our Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex as the main ingredient, your skin will surely benefit from the boost of antioxidants, natural moisturizing factors and other hydrating ingredients.


Use a humidifier 


If you live in a dry environment (or if you’re powering through the harsh winter months/transitioning between seasons), a humidifier can really help soften the effects on your skin. They aren’t very expensive and can be quite relaxing too! Use it in conjunction with a product that contains a humectant, such as hyaluronic acid (our Royal Tulip Nectar has this), as these substances will help your skin rapidly absorb the moisture from the air. 


We hope these steps help you achieve the healthy and hydrated skin you deserve!