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What’s in a Tulip? And why is it good for skincare?


What’s in a Tulip? And why is it good for skincare?

What’s in a Tulip? And why is it good for skincare?

Across the world, tulips mark the start of spring, standing as centerpieces at kitchen tables. Here in Holland they stretch in magnificent fields across the countryside in late April, drawing crowds of tourists and those looking for the perfect Instagram picture. While these flowers that come in a variety of colors are certainly beautiful, they also pack a punch. 
In 2018, Bloomeffects worked with the University of Leiden to find out if tulips were good for anything other than their beauty. The result? Tulips are a powerhouse when it comes to skincare. They’re packed with a slew of ingredients and traits that will give you glowing, youthful skin all year round. 
So, what’s in a tulip?

Water - Tulips can hold their weight in water
These pretty flowers are natural humectants, meaning they retain water. In fact, they suck up so much water that’s why they flop over at night. The heads of the flower get so heavy from all the moisture they suck up that the stems can’t hold them up. 
Growth - Tulips continue to grow after being cut - up to an inch or more
Part of being such thirsty flowers means they continue to grow after being cut. While most flowers begin to die as soon as they’re cut, tulips don’t stop their growth. If you keep tulips at home in a vase, you should trim them each day, as they’ll just keep growing. Check out our time lapse to watch this growth in action below. 

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The humble tulip. Our favorite flower of all time. The flower that inspired @bloomeffects to be what it is today. Did you know that the tulip is one of the only flowers that continues to grow after it has been cut? Don't believe us? We filmed a timelapse just to show how much water the humble tulip loves to drink and how much it continues to grow - ours grew a whole inch! ⁠ ⁠ Our ground-breaking Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex is included in all of our products, providing intense hydration with every application.⁠ ⁠ We hope you all loved seeing our CEO and Co-founder, @kimmivanhaaster, and husband/tulip farmer, @vanhaaster87, takeover the Instagram Live on @qvc from our tulip fields today. If you missed it, you can watch it all back via @qvc's Instagram stories. ⁠ ⁠ Only 2 more sleeps until we share our whole @bloomeffects story, ON-AIR, on @qvc Live. Tune in at 10pm EST, April 21 and tag all of your tulip loving friends! WE CANNOT WAIT! ⁠ ⁠ 📷: ⁠ #bloomeffects #skincare #crueltyfree #fieldtoface #cleanbeauty A post shared by Bloomeffects (@bloomeffects) on

Regeneration - Tulips have cell regeneration properties and boost collagen synthesis
Tulips contain a plant hormone called auxin which is derived from the amino acid tryptophan. Auxin are very important in cellular growth and development of plant tissues. They promote regeneration and can be used for the repair and growth of tissues throughout the body and are required for the production of collagen. All things that are good for your skin!

Our Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex
All Bloomeffects products are created with our Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex. This complex uses stem cells from the bulbs of the HM van Haaster tulips in the Netherlands. Stem cells are incredibly effective in skincare, providing antioxidants, amino acids and helping boost collagen synthesis. These Dutch tulip stem cells are combined with other potent moisturizing factors in our Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex. This gives you softer, smoother, glowingly hydrated skin with each use of our products. 
We believe in healthy skin and fresh blooming flowers, which is why we combined the two to create the best in field to face skincare. Our products are clean, safe and wildly effective. Go ahead, get the coveted, youthful glow of Dutch tulip skincare for yourself.