7 Skin-Care Products for Sensitive Skin That Won 2021 Best of Beauty Awards

Allure - September 2021

Allure - September 2021

Love the skin you're in… even when it's finicky and reactive as hell. Whether eczema, air pollution, or stinging skin-care products are the cause of your irritated skin woes, our board-certified dermatologist friends have indulged us with countless tips and products over the years that will keep your skin looking healthy and happy.

As always, consult your dermatologist for your specific skin-care concerns — you're a unique being, after all — but check out our favorite, carefully tested products below that'll appease sensitive skin day and night. And for the rest of your beauty needs and curiosities, read our full list of Best of Beauty 2021 winners.

Tulip Nectar Skin Repair Body Balm, $47

The most versatile of salves, Bloomeffects Tulip Nectar Skin Repair Body Balm rescues every parched part (ragged cuticles, chapped lips, rough elbows, even split ends) with nutrient-rich botanicals and anti-inflammatory ingredients.