Bloomeffects charts growth toward ‘global domination’

Glossy - October 2021

Glossy - October 2021

Bloomeffects, the buzzy clean skin-care brand that derives its hero ingredient from tulips, is quickly accelerating its retail expansion plans.

Bloomeffects’ sales are currently 35% via DTC e-commerce, and the plan is to bring that to 50% by end of 2022, said Kim van Haaster, Bloomeffects CEO and co-founder.

“Our focus in 2020 has been to have strong retailer relationships. Even with all the challenges of 2020, we have strengthened our base in the U.S.,” she said. “In 2022, from a product development standpoint, our focus is scientific research and sustainability and circular farming as it pertains to Dutch flowers. From a commercial perspective, [our focus is] global domination.”

A core narrative of Bloomeffects, including its black tulip collection, is its upcycling of varying tulip plant parts. Bloomeffects already uses non-commercially viable tulip bulbs for its existing assortment and decided to use tulip petals for the black tulip collection. According to Hein van Haaster, a fourth-generation tulip farmer (and Kim’s husband), over 2 billion tulips are “chopped” every year as an essential part of growing tulip bulbs. Upcycling has become the latest ingredient trend within the beauty industry, with skin-care brand brands like Farmacy, Circumference and Loli Beauty marketing it.