An Insider’s Guide to the Best Face Exfoliators for Softer, Brighter Skin

The Black Tulip facial treatment x Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair - February 2022

The most covetable quality in healthy skin these days is undeniably a glow—the kind of ethereal radiance that might arrive with humidity-soaked weather or budding youth. Factor in drier, cooler air and a little life experience, and the word lackluster might come to mind. The quick-fix solution is gentle exfoliation, which helps slough off the outermost skin cells in order to better soak in hydration and bounce light.

Black Tulip Facial Treatment, $94

For a plant-forward option, the Black Tulip facial treatment from Bloomeffects also incorporates lactic acid, along with squalane and peptides that allow it to double as a night cream, while Amala’s Retexturizing Gel Aqua peel is laced with a fruit-derived blend of AHAs to renew skin in a matter of minutes.