The 13 Best Natural & Clean Cleansing Balms

The 13 Best Natural & Clean Cleansing Balms

Mindbodygreen - February 2022

Every skin care fanatic has a favorite step of their routine—the layer of the ritual that brings them the most joy.

There's no better example of this than the cleansing balm. (Even saying "cleansing balm" feels like slipping into a cashmere sweater.) The subcategory of face washes is marked by their thick, gel-cream texture and hydrating benefits; of course, there are subtle differences between them that make them unique, but that's the throughline. 

Royal Tulip Cleansing Jelly, Bloomeffects ($39)

Bloomeffects is famous for its Dutch Proprietary Tulip Complex that is rich with antioxidants and amino acids for barrier support and protection. (It's infused into all their products, including this jelly face wash.) The blend also contains hyaluronic acid for an extra splash of hydration and suppleness.